Compli-Serve took a decision to associate with the BBBEE practice of Alpha BEE Verifications.

This decision was taken after a review of the volumes of inbound work together with the need to partner with an organisation that possesses the necessary skills and depth of team to service our wide and diverse client base. We confirm that the services as below will be made available to Compli-Serve clients. We furthermore confirm that no referral fees or other financial rewards are received between the parties to this agreement.

B-BBEE Verification:

Alpha BEE Verifications is a SANAS Accredited verification agency that performs related services in accordance with the Amended Codes of Good Practice and Sector Codes.

B-BBEE Consulting:

Alpha BEE Verifications consult on many B-BBEE related issues including ownership and scenario planning.

Consultations are also held to explain the key principles of B-BBEE and how it works which includes the following:

  • B-BBEE strategy development and implementation in order to achieve a desirable B-BBEE status;
  • Ownership restructuring; and
  • B-BBEE competent person’s certificates and joint venture certificates.

B-BBEE Monitoring:

Should an entity appoint another agency to perform its verification, we can assist in preparing for the verification by collating the necessary information and documentation.


B-BBEE training and workshops are held on an ad hoc basis and can be conducted in-house for staff members.

Training is based on B-BBEE principles, elements and requirements which are carried out in an understandable and interactive manner.

Delegates receive full course notes.

If you are interested in BBBEE services as above, please send email to