Compli-Serve is committed to recruiting quality people and developing their potential in order to expand their careers and to become participants in sustaining its competitive edge.

To achieve this, taking South Africa’s history into account, the Company commits itself to an equity programme to accelerate its culture of diversity.

The Company recognizes its responsibility to equalize opportunities for those people who are socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged. Accelerating opportunity for the disadvantaged does not mean that the career development of others will be ignored. Our people will continue to be recognised for their competencies on merit.

The equity programme will have short and medium-term goals and will be developed in consultation with staff. Its implementation will be handled with sensitivity, commitment and fairness.


Compli-Serve will endeavor to have people from historically disadvantaged groups adequately represented at all levels within the over the next five years. The definition of ‘adequate representation’ will be based on consultation, operational needs and best practice. The entire process will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the Company reserves the right to amend all or any part of the equity strategy/employment policies and procedures, after appropriate consultation, where justifiable.


The equity process will be driven in line with the Company’s vision, mission and values – all of which recognise that it is a service company dependent for its success on the commitment and excellence of its people.