As you may be aware, Compli-Serve undertook a strategic service review during the course of 2015 to both ensure alignment with current regulations and to look ahead at the changing regulatory landscape.

“The new service has been well received by both existing clients and new clients looking to outsource their compliance undertaking,”, says James George, Compliance Manager at Compli-Serve.

“We wished to ensure that our services and skills are optimised for the market needs; that our clients are aware of developments, and are as best positioned as possible, to meet the changing regulatory requirements as set down by the FSB. We have to take note that the rigid rules-based approach to compliance is set to give way to principles with market conduct becoming an ever more important risk.”

After extensive engagement with our client workgroup and relevant stakeholders we launched the Market Conduct Compliance Service earlier this year which spreads across a wider governance risk and compliance framework than our existing services which are more specifically geared towards a single piece of legislation namely the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS).

Our new service is designed to ensure that you our clients will be able to manage conduct risk in a market place where the delivery of fair customer outcomes is not a “nice to have”, but rather a business imperative.

Contact us if you would like further information on this service offering.