Compli-Serve (Pty) Ltd is an independent specialist provider of regulatory compliance services and solutions to the retail financial sector.

Compli–Serve (Pty) Ltd is a nationally represented independent provider of regulatory compliance management services and solutions to the financial services sector. We draw on international experience in developing services tailored for the domestic market. Our services are designed to meet the best practice compliance needs of today’s financial services professionals who operate in an ever more regulated environment.

We are authorised by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority “FSCA” and currently work with various stakeholders in the financial services sector including independent financial advisors, call centres, auditors, international banks and investment /asset managers.

We recognize the need for the business to contain the costs of compliance whilst meeting the increasing challenges of regulatory compliance. We strive to keep our services focused without compromising the delivery our clients have come to expect.

The requirements of best practice compliance are perceived by many to increase the burden on already overloaded shoulders. Whilst it is true extra work will be required by all concerned we believe a pro active compliance culture can help smooth the process.

Whatever the size of your business we offer a range of efficient, cost effective services and solutions backed by a national network of experienced and professional staff.

For further information about the services offered by Compli-Serve please contact us on 087 897 6970 or email info@compliserve.co.za.