Many of us will be familiar with Where’s Waldo? – the books where you try to spot the lanky gent wearing stripes among all the distractions. Imagining Waldo as a representative of the new working world may be somewhat fitting. Work for many has become something that is hard to find under lockdown, and circumstances are tougher economically than they have been for decades.

Working from home for those fortunate enough to do so, also means ensuring distractions don’t get in the way of the end goal (to get done what you can, while there is a global crisis going on in the background). It is a constant task to manage, but in many ways, the ‘’new normal’’ makes a lot of sense.

You say you want a revolution?

The working from home revolution has been fast forwarded through the current global health crisis, and further accelerated as the Fourth Industrial Revolution sinks in deeper, offering opportunities to some but distress to others. Until the coronavirus is under control, social distancing will remain and   will inevitably reveal that more meetings can be held online, which will reduce some permitted business travel.

Working from home capabilities coupled with economic constraints could mean cutting back on office letting costs when lockdown lifts too.

A change was needed

Something did need to change, and it has. Lockdown has forced change for many, and it is likely that some alterations will become permanent features of life, once lockdown is further eased. We are in a time of many unknowns, but there are ways and means to navigate this.

Knowledge-based firms are perhaps well positioned compared to others, which may have made the transition to working from home a little easier. There is a place for innovation of course, in any industry.

In the compliance realm, the ‘Desktop Visit’ allows us to conduct near ‘’business as usual’’ over online channels. Many of our compliance officers worked from home before Covid-19 hit our shores, but it’s a change of pace to have everyone home-based. Bandwidth issues aside, to be able to operate for the most part during this time is a blessing.

The new world (working from home) is convenient and provides a flexibility that millennials have embraced, while some of us older chaps are trying to catch up. We’re forced to try a more online-centric approach now, and it could very well be the beginning of the next chapter.

Tech on top

As we see tech and how we do business become one, it’s worth noting that pre-Covid-19, we were already seeing companies renting shared spaces, or seeking alternative office solutions. This is likely to continue.  Using tech advantageously (and in a number of ways across your business) can allow a company to scale more successfully too. Choosing to adapt may be the best way to get the job done.

We can’t predict what’s going to happen, but it’s always best to be prepared, and being able to operate online/remotely (safely), with your team spread out will make your business more resilient, no matter what is still to come.

Article by Richard Rattue, MD, Compli-Serve